Kamrelax is a dream vacation on the shore of the Pacific Ocean with comfortable conditions. Peaceful place 30 km from the city, where you can enjoy nature and be alone with each other. Our headlines are Bathhouse and Romantic evenings on the shore of the Ocean. We are the only ones in the world who have a Cedar Bath-Barrel on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

For our guests, we provide not only accommodation at the highest level but also prepare an extensive excursion program.
from 165 USD
PRICE of 1 night per guest
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Rooms description
Scandinavian house
Price per room per night 240 USD
A Scandinavian styled house distinguished by its uniqueness and rich interior. Panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and Volcanoes - are the main features of this house.

The house has a bathroom, hot shower, and a kitchenette for self-cooking.

Maximum number of guests: 4
Room size: 20 m2
Two-bed tent
Price per room per night 165 USD
It is a cozy double tent on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. The room has everything you need for a comfortable stay away from civilization. Moreover, a romantic atmosphere during the whole holiday is a plus.

Maximum number of guests: 2
Room size: 20 m2
Four-bed tent

Price per room per night 180 USD
The cosy four-bed tent is ideal for a family vacation on the coasts of the Pacific Ocean. Comfortable beds, fabulous atmosphere and Ocean breeze will make your holiday unforgettable.

Maximum number of guests: 4
Room size: 20 m2
— The fee for accommodation in the Glamping is charged by the established system of the settlement hour - 14:00 and 12:00, respectively, of the current day by local time.

— When staying for less than one day (22 hours), the fee is charged per day, regardless of the settlement hour.

— If a reservation is made, the room is reserved for the guest until 07:00 a.m. local time following the guest's scheduled arrival day and may be made available to the guest during that time (late check-in). The guest will be charged for a full day's stay.

— In case of late check-out, the guest will be charged for each day of stay.

— The room price does not include breakfast.

— The minimum fee for the "Camping place" category rooms is 15 USD for two guests. After that, the cost increases for each additional guest in a tent by 10 USD.

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