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We know that there may be questions at any stage of the trip. Therefore, our team always stay in touch with you and provide full support for your customers on your behalf. In addition, for your convenience, a personal concierge manager is available 24/7 on the chatbot and will respond quickly to your message to provide professional support from the time of booking until the completion of the trip or event.
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A three-day all-inclusive gastronomic adventure on the Baltic Sea! A guided tour of the city's historic sites and the region, breakfasts, lunches or dinners in the most interesting local cafes and restaurants await you. In addition, you will see Kaliningrad, Svetlogorsk, and Yantarny and visit the famous Nordic SPA on the shore of the Baltic Sea.

3 days/ 2 nights

Tour price - from 379 USD

The offer is valid throughout the year.


Unexpected? Indeed, Tambov deserves attention. Gastronomic discoveries, local products, pine forests and spa vacations await you. Tambov is the right place for you if you want to relax.
You can reach Tambov comfortably by train - the route is perfect for those who do not like moving by plane.

3 days/ 2 nights

Tour price - from 180 USD

The offer is valid throughout the year.

Let us catch the Northern Lights

This route includes Murmansk and Teriberka. You will see places from "Leviathan", visit the coast of the Barents Sea, pet huskies and reindeer, drink tea in the Lappish chum and take a steam bath. You can also visit the biggest northern town above the Arctic Circle, see the real nuclear-powered icebreaker and taste the local cuisine in the most exciting restaurants in the region. Moreover, if you are lucky with the weather, you will see the Northern Lights!

3 days/ 2 nights

Tour price - from 325 USD

The offer is valid from December to March inclusive.

Murmansk, whales

Since April, whales come to the coast of the Kola Peninsula for herring, capelin and cod - at this time, the chance of meeting them is exceptionally high. If you take this route, you will take a boat out to sea for photo-hunting and take pictures of grey whales, killer whales and seals. That is the season of the famous white nights when the nights are as bright as daylight, so you will have plenty of time to explore your surroundings. You will see the locations where Zvyagintsev's movie Leviathan was filmed, go to a waterfall flowing into the sea and a beach of round stones called "dragon eggs," meet huskies and reindeer, and, if you wish, check out a local art object - an abandoned school.

3 days/ 2 nights

Tour price - from 309 USD

The offer is valid from May to July inclusive.


If you have biases against Anapa, you are not alone. Nevertheless, after this trip, your opinion will almost certainly change. We have chosen the best places and options for entertainment in this location and offer you to make sure: they are here.

3 days/ 2 nights
Min 2 person

Price for each person - 495 USD

The offer is valid from April to November.

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TOP hotels
Green Park Hotel

3-star family hotel, located in the cosiest area of the resort city of Anapa - on Pioneer Avenue. Along the avenue is one of the longest promenades of the Black Sea coast. A quiet green area, surrounded by pine, and evergreen trees, stretches 10 km along the Black Sea. An essential advantage of this area is the golden sandy beach.

Price for 1 night/ 1 guest

from 62 USD

LES Art Resort

LES Art Resort hotel is located 70 kilometres from the Moscow Ring Road along the Minsk Highway in a wooded area in an ecologically clean area of the western suburbs, where the healthy air of mixed forests and the splendour of nature will give you a good mood and joyful expectations that are sure to come true.

Price for 1 night/ 1 guest

from 222 USD

Chekhov API Residence

Chekhov API Residence is a new space for the recreation and work of scientists, creative people, business and IT representatives. The uniqueness of the residence is in the possibility to compose an exciting program combining educational part, walks and outdoor activities, work, sports and entertainment.

The heart of the residence is an old park, where a manor house once stood, and now there is a modern hotel building, villas, garden terraces and spaces for research sessions. The interiors of the buildings are decorated with furniture by Alexandr Brodsky and paintings by contemporary Russian artists.

Price per room/per day

from 156 USD

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Why visit Russia?
The multifaceted and great Russia attracts tourists with its beauty, climate features and unique natural and historical monuments.

Here everyone will find a fascinating kind of recreation: from active kinds to health-improving, excursions and beaches, visits to historical places, pilgrimage to holy places.

The list of places to visit is varied and extensive. Every year, tourists expand the horizons of Russia and find new routes such as Central Russia, the Russian North, the Urals, Siberia, and the Far East to get acquainted with the local ethnicity, rich culture, and history of the regions. Russia is also known for its sandy beaches, warm sea, breathtaking mountains, and alpine meadows. In addition, we have all kinds of holidays available, including extreme, family, and eco-tourism.

Once you visit Russia, you will return to her many times. A variety of tours around the country will leave only positive memories of this beautiful country in your memory.
Why is it reliable?
Before launching every tour, we checked each supplier and signed a formal contract with each one.

Our service support will stay in touch with you until your trip is complete. Moreover, if you change your plans before your trip, you can always get your money back.
What does the tour package include?
The tour contains a service package including lunches, dinners, various activities depending on the location (such as a spa visit) and transfers along the route.

Tickets to the trip starting point are not included, but we are happy to make recommendations for the most affordable options - let us know at
What is the next step after I purchase a tour through the website?
After buying a tour, you immediately receive an email confirming your purchase, and within 24 hours, you receive a set of documents for your trip on the selected dates.
I have a change of plans. How do I get a refund?
You can get your refund if you notify us at least 14 business days before the first event on tour. Please email us at or chat-bot. Usually, refunds are issued within 2 to 30 business days.
What is a transfer?
A transfer is a type of service of escorting tourists from airport to hotel and back at the end of the trip. Our representative will meet you at the airport and escort you to the hotel.
What is a voucher?
The voucher is issued to the tourist along with other documents. It confirms the person's right to arrive in a foreign country for the services provided by the given tour.
What is the difference between half board and full board?
In the first case, a tourist is provided two meals a day - a compulsory breakfast and optional lunch or dinner. The full board offers three meals a day.
What documents do I need to travel abroad?
The primary documents for travelling abroad are a passport, visa and insurance. Going on a trip with a child, you need a passport for him, notarised permission to travel from parents, birth certificate. Taking your pet with you, you should take care of an international veterinary passport.
When do I need permission for my child to travel?
All children under 16 years of age need notarised authorisation to travel. If the other parent is dead or missing, deprived of parental rights or declared incompetent, it will not be required. If the mother is single and there is no information about the father on the birth certificate, his permission is not needed. You should have documented confirmation for each reason for not having permission to leave the country.
Do I need copies of my documents while travelling?
Be sure to make copies of all documents because their loss will cause difficulties with further staying in a foreign country and returning home. For example, you can make not only paper copies of passports, driver's licenses, tickets, hotel reservations, and insurance and save scans of them in cloud storage. Then the documents will be accessible from anywhere in the world.
How long does a passport have to be valid before I can travel abroad?
As a rule, the validity of a passport should not expire earlier than six months from the date of expiry of the visa. Suppose a foreign citizen is issued an ordinary private visa due to the need to enter Russia for emergency medical treatment or severe illness or death of a close relative. In that case, the passport should not expire before the visa's expiration date. For study or work visa, the validity of the passport shall not expire earlier than a year and a half from the date of the visa.
What to do if I lost my passport abroad?
When you lose your passport, you should contact the local police. There you will be given a certificate, with which you should go to the embassy or consulate of your country. The representation will answer all your questions and give you a temporary certificate that allows you to return home. To start this process, you should fill out a form, take a picture and confirm your identity with an "internal" passport, driver's license, or any other document with your photo. Copies are also acceptable.
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